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Monday, June 4, 2012

King St. W. + MEC + Patagonia = Two New Backpacks and Lofty Ambitions

Two new backpacks

Daddy and daughter went backpack shopping in Toronto.  The block of King Street West, right where Blue Jay Way dumps out, offers an outdoor equipment retail environment unlike any other city I've ever been in, at least East of the Continental Divide.  There's MEC, and Europebound, a few smaller stores, and now a Patagonia.  If you're not buying a backpack...a sleeping bag...a Gore-Tex jacket...or something as crazy as a SUP paddle board, or bouldering crash pad, then you shouldn't even be in this neighborhood.  You'd better have a wallet full of cash and some serious outdoor aspirations.

Zed just needed a backpack that didn't have #$%&ing Tinkerbell, or Dora the Explorer on it.  Daddy didn't need one at all (but bought one anyway).  The plan is to slowly introduce Zo to one outdoor adventure after another...both top notch deals, and your Joe Average camping type trips.  As Camp Zed rapidly approaches the hope is that this little girl is game for absolutely anything.  We'll start with a dog, orange juice, and binoculars carrying little backpack, and progress from there.

Now who wants to go camping this summer?


Blogger Beth said...

We will be at the cottage in Erieau from July 15th - 30th....please, please, please bring Camp Zed!!

June 10, 2012 at 11:00 AM  

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