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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Breakfast of Champions...

Mummy Zed w Hoodies for breakfast

Waking up to this is just a tad shy of perfection. Mummy and Zed avec hoodies enjoying morning eats on the deck.  I suppose that didn'y wake me...Zed managed that an hour earlier when she busted into our room.

"Daddy... Blair (Zed's ridiculously cute friend) left her snacks in my room (from an evening visit yesterday)."

It was 7:30am.

The house awoke with the mini-crisis, but I lingered in bed for a half an hour more. When I surfaced the hooded wonder girls were already busy cute-ifying the morning.

Is it just me or do people over-exaggerate the whole morning gauntlet as parents? Oh, it's not an all-inclusive resort, but it's not the stock market crash of '29 either.  Of course, a family of four, rather than three, might alter that perception a little, huh? Yeah, maybe.


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