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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The World Through Three Year Old Eyes

Daddy Zoey Lorax

Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" gave Zoey and us plenty of opportunity to suss out how she sees the world around her.  Seuss' astonishingly premonitory book about sapping the earth's resources for our selfish selves was appropriate reading in 1971 when it was first published (yeah, that's right...1971...incredible) and is even more apt now.  Any bright child, or parent for that matter, will be eased effortlessly into a discussion about the environment, or greed, or action, and I suppose it's up to you to either respond or remain silent.  Zoey asked some insightful little questions after she saw the film with her Mom, and a few more after reading the book with her Dad.  Not surprisingly, she understood much of the book's premise. I'm sure she missed a lot, but she got more than you'd imagine a three year old might (as yours very likely would too) and asked the corresponding questions. Can you think of many better ways of introducing that sort of thing to your toddler?

We don't live green, not by any means, and we aren't bent on saving the planet with our everyday actions, but we should be, at least a little more than what we are.  Funny how Dr. Seuss and a three year old girl can remind you of that.


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