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Saturday, May 19, 2012

These Bare Feet Were Made For Walking...

Back on my feet, and walking around like I was a full-on champeen, well, a limping champion.  All fixed up (supposedly) and ready to take on the next five year window before I'm half crippled up again...but for now, I'm going crutchless, drugless, and iceless.  What a stellar way to start the weekend.

In honor of my miraculous

Listen to this or stop talking to me.

And this is especially for the coolest people I know.  Don't listen to it unless you're ready to assume the mantel of coolness.

This should make you desperate for more...lots more.

My newest second favorite obsession are these guys...and, of course, this.

Listen to this or else.

And it's nice to keep it simple once in awhile.

Folk-punk troubadours are pretty good.

Always like me some Lambchop and I don't know why.

Because anyone that can cover this song deserves to be linked.

That's about all for now.  Go enjoy your weekend with all this schweet schweet music drifting about in your head.  You can always thank me later with embarrassing acts of kindness.


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