Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunny Sunday Links...

St. Patrick

I might buy this t-shirt just to distract people from asking questions about my leg.

Just discovered this awesome site.  So, so cool.  To think about the lame things that I used to build...

Dunno how many times I can say it, but man oh man, I love me some Wright Thompson.

Thought provoking.

So, now I kinda want to go to Hong Kong.

How many people are in space right now?

I'd like to start living this way with our family.

I always wondered about this.

Zed might be a little too young to truly dig this, but yours might not be.

Someone help me find an island so I can do this.

Jesus H. Valverde...who thinks this is funny?  It's kind of horrifying.

I could probably manage this.  Could you?

Bahahaha....there's no way that this is accurate.  Ever consider how much of what we "think" we know comes from far-removed professionals sitting behind desks at government agencies and universities and doling out ridiculously ineffective surveys?  Survey's people...surveys.  I respectfully question the validity of this.

The ten things we've learned from Adam Yauch.

My friend Mel is one of the funniest women I know...of course, I don't know Amy Poehler.

Amazing post...amazing dude.

I'm kind of a big, giant dog fan whose had to hold his affections in check for the better part of a decade.  As much of a dog fan as I am, I'm also occasionally practical too, but this makes me want a dog SO bad. (Thanks to Ally Woo for dropping this photo in my lap via All Things Woo)

My God, this is good.

Embrace your complexity and look good doing it.  No problem. It's easy according to Tavi Gevinson, just be Stevie Nicks.  I'd sell a foot if Zoey could grow up to be this cool.  BTW...this is the profile of a turd who criticized Tavi's work over at TED.

Cool story.

The New York Knicks haven't won a playoff game since April 29th, 2001.  It's true.  You can look it up.  That's a decade folks...and I wonder why I beat myself up for not being the fan that I used to be?  It's hard being a Knicks fan.  Ever since the Lakers sold my affections down the road I feel anchorless in a frustrating NBA.  What I wouldn't give to have 1994 back...or 1985, that was a pretty important year for me.


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Well, aren't you nice. Now I'm going to go eat half a steak and feel badly about it.

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