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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reading With Grandma...

Grandma Zoey reading

Grandma and Zoey are reading...and it eases my mind.  It relaxes me.  Grandma seems patient and loving.  Zoey is undeniably happy.

"What shape is that Zoey? Grandma asks.

"It's an octagon Grandma."

This is something awesome to come home to.  There's a reason this little girl is so smart...and it's called Grandma.

We've been lucky enough to have nearly two years of Grandma spending every wee day with her Granddaughter. The opportunity existed to pay someone we love to help us raise this little girl, and so we struck at it. Most people don't get so lucky. You can see it in Zoey's her intelligence and her affection and almost every part of her life. She is drenched in love, absolute love, all day and then well into the night every night. That makes a difference. It really does. We know how lucky we are.


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