Sunday, May 27, 2012

Early Morning Rain...

Morning table top

Rain...Michael entire internet full of tiny little adventures to escape away to someday soon...when I'm up and walking upright like the homo-sapien that I am.

As soon as school is over, I'm running away for a breath of fresh air.  As dirtbag as I can manage.  A Patagonia catalogue worth of adventure jammed into 10 or so days.

I thought of going to Chattanooga, TN, and bouldering, biking, paddling, and sweating to my heart's content.  Staying here, and wandering endlessly through the Shenandoah Valley like some Grey Ghost.

Then I thought about dangling from rocks beside the bluest of blue, here.

Of all the ideas, those two have become the most sturdy.  If it's Tennessee, then I'm going solo.  If it's the Bruce Peninsula then I can go and wear myself out a good six or seven days ahead of June and Zo, and then we can spend the next three or four days snapping pics of Zed that will be worthy of a this one...

Patagonia kids catalogue

I want a Patagonia kid so bad it hurts my heart.

However it plays out I've been told by my loving wife to go away and don't come back until I'm equal parts rested and appropriately worn out in the best kind of way.  I can follow those instructions.  As I slowly heal from all of this nonsense I think it's time to get back to the post-Michigan, skin scraped from fingertips, tent sleeping, bus riding, fully re-charged and fresh air fiend, Brian.  That guy would make for a ridiculously fun Dad, and all-around general story cultivator.  Now I just need the summer, and a real knee.  For now, I've got rain and Michael Kiwanuka.  Good enough.

Happy Sunday folks....for you. Enjoy.


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