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Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Header, New Blog, and a Reminder About Something Important

We're going to have a baby. That means that this will no longer be a Zoey-centric house, and blog.  We're going to need a new blog, with a new name, in addition to a new baby name, and a new blog address.  We're going to need to create a new look, I suppose...a new place for all of this nonsense to reside.

There are ideas bouncing around...names, baby and blog...and there are some rough sketches, and more formally finished, almost blog ready artwork, and there is procrastination.  Last night my friend Jay reminded me that people actually read this thing, and that some of this creativity really needs to see the light of day, not just the blogosphere.  So as we creep towards baby #2, and we stumble into a new blog address, and name, and we stash all of this away in some trusted archive, I'll need to remind myself that some of this stupidity deserves to not just sit and rot on Some of it needs to rot in more comfy places, like book shelves and the affection of friends and strangers alike.

In less than three months The Zoey Blog will cease to exist, replaced, instead with...


Blogger Beth said...

That's exciting and sad...more exciting than sad, more sweet than bitter but still an end to something very, very special. I will there to follow the new blog, the new baby and all the comings and goings. Can't wait for this magic to continue.

May 20, 2012 at 3:11 PM  

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