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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Future Photo Editor...

Zed - Photographer
Snapping away with a camera that cost more than her entire possessions. That's a trusting Mom

Who wants a cool job?  We do...did...always have.  Now we hope that Zed feels the same someday.  Sure we'll be happy with any old version of our Zed, but the notion of a happy, healthy, creative, and mildly ambitious Zo makes me smile so wide my mouth could manage five sets of wisdom teeth.  She's got good inspiration.

Her Dad is awfully into his work, and is proud of it's undeniable coolness.  Do you know that I can go a month without seeing a supervisor...that I govern my time, my resources, my decisions?  It sometimes feels as though I could get away with a cape and tights, but I'll settle for just telling educators that they're wrong.  It's a dream job with dream feedback, and maybe the best working conditions on the planet earth.

Zo's Mom has a real job, and then one of those cool "fake jobs" too.  People pay her to take photos, and although she's recently taken a bit of a sabbatical from making gobs of loot snapping gobs of photos, it's a pretty stellar side gig for a creative lady, and the woman Zoey will certainly use to measure womanhood for a long, long time.

Zed's Uncle Ian is a pilot for God's Sake...a genuine skim the top of the trees and land on water bush pilot.  That's almost ridiculous in it's coolness.  In fact it is ridiculous in it's coolness.  It's almost offensive that's how cool it is.

Zo's Aunt Netta works for the world's largest sailing company, North Sails, which is cool as cucumbers to begin with, but perhaps even cooler is her more passionate work with an elite level swim club in West Vancouver.  When water is the key ingredient to your career you've kinda made some good choices.

Zo's Uncle B is an orthopedic technologist...what the #$%& does an orthopedic technologist do?  Tear apart your knee and you'll find out.  It's one of those jobs that no one ever tells you about and then when you discover (usually the hard way) you think, "whoa, this is cool."  Yeah it is.

Zo's Aunt Header lectures in front of college classrooms.  Yeah, so the nurse that is someday going to put that catheter in you, yeah, she got graded by Zoey's Aunt.

That's just one generation of influence.  There's yet another whole generation of grandparents steering her. She's surrounded with creative, adventurous, meaningful, unique careers, and it'll be a miracle if she decides to be an accountant.  We'd prefer that she stay away from bush pilot as well.


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