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Monday, May 14, 2012

Born to Ride...or Scoot...or Whatever


She's been the living room.  She can turn now.  I mean, she can turn left now, in addition to the endless rights she was getting so frustrated making.  She's fairly fearless now on her scooter, and it's a dozen or so notches above cute.

She's never had a proper bike.  She first had something that looked like a bike, only with no pedals so that she could just push herself along on two wheels and get used to balancing.  Then Grandad and Baachan got her a used tricycle, and then a new tricycle of sorts...a real beauty...and she liked that plenty, but now she's a scooter girl.  Born to ride, or so it seems, and there's just no stopping her.  She'll need another visit to Carroll Park in Brooklyn to show all the little scooter wizards there just how far she's come from her old trick of dumping her ride so that she can chase them on foot.

All you can say now is get out of her way!  There's a scooter comin'!


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