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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Aged Enlightenment via Bob Sugar, and Echo & The Bunnymen

Jesus H. Jaggar, Cameron Crowe must have the coolest stories on the planet.  I go looking for all of the music from the film "We Bought a Zoo, and I find Crowe telling another ridiculous story that floors me.  Can you imagine living the life he has?  It's crazy.

A few years ago I adopted Crowe's philosophy on using new music to score a film.  He believes, very fervently, that there's SO much powerful, amazing music out there that's already been made, that's sometimes even very old, that no one ever hears.  He's convinced that the third song on the B side of some obscure or random fourth LP from this band or that one is an incredible song and NEEDS to be heard.  So he includes it in his soundtrack.  Brilliant.  I've worked hard to constantly remind myself that no one likes the fresh-on-the-scene smart dude any more than the been-there-heard-that why not be the have-you-ever-heard-the-third-song-on-the-B-side-of-insert album name guy? People like that guy.  Mostly because he doesn't claim to have heard the song first, and in most cases other people can nod in agreement with him and even enlighten him to other music he should immediately listen to.

Foe example...I don't listen to near enough Echo & The Bunnymen...not near enough, and I should have learned my lesson after Jack Black berates a customer in High Fidelity, but nope, I didn't.  Then it takes Crowe and the We Bought a Zoo" soundtrack to remind me.  Damn, those guys are good.  Of course they are.

So is Cat Stevens and "Don't Be Shy," or Wilco doing, "Airline to Heaven."  So is Bob Dylan and "Buckets of Rain."  Sometimes we just need a genius to remind us.

Thank you Mr. Crowe.  I just want one story like any one of Crowe's thousands. Just one.


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