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Monday, April 23, 2012

Zoey and The Three Investigators...and The Poddy

Zoey - Three Investigators

When I was a kid I was an enormous fan (geek) of Robert Arthur's "Three Investigators" series. I loved it. If you were to go to my hometown library and pulled those books from the shelves, you'd find my library number stamped in the back of most of those books in overwhelming fashion. WHen I say I loved them...I LOVED them. Some time ago I purchased a portion of the entire series on ebay, and tonight, while using the poddy, Zo wanted me to read them to her. Not exactly toddler reading...or pddy reading... but she humored me through a few pages. "I like these books Daddy," she said. "You do? I asked. "Do you like this story?" "No, she replied flatly. "I just like them because you like them." Sweet. Mostly I hate suck ups but this one I'll tolerate.


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