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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Wonder of Where's Waldo?

Gramma Zoey - Wheres Waldo
Clandestine Macbook Photobooth pic of Zed and Gramma at the beginning of a "Where's Waldo" marathon

As I lay in a pile on the couch, with the Spring sun shining in on me and my ice packed right knee (sick day), Zoey and Gramma are sitting seven feet away reading Where's Waldo books and making me smile. My morning routine of rest, ice, and elevation gave Zed ample opportunity to sit and play beside me on the couch...with dinosaurs who regularly stuck their noses in my ears and nose looking for meals of wax and boogers. I thanks my lucky stars for good hygiene and a poor haul for those hungry dinosaurs. It's something of a nice treat to sit and soak up Spring sunshine with these girls. It's something more of a treat to watch them interact together. There's a casual, easy and unhurried education happening here...numbers and letters and grammar and manners...all kinds of colors and sketching and building and singing and marathon Where's Waldo sessions. It's sweet, and encouraging and a nice way to spend the day swollen and sore, but happy.


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