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Friday, April 20, 2012

You've Got a Friend in Me...


What is it about kids that anyone is a potential friend...that fun needs to be shared...that boundaries, differences, Hell, even language, mean nothing in the face of friendship?  There's an obvious lesson in that. When do we start judging, and discriminating so boldly, and at what point do our biases begin to outweigh our need for new friends?

Zoey makes friends in the quick snap of your fingers...with anyone...anywhere...period.  When we were in New York  her easy attitude, and the sweet presumption that every kid is a potential friend, often found her approaching other children with the quiet offering of friendship and play, and many a miniature native New Yorker walked away with a puzzled look on their face.  She is oh-so eager to make friends, and there are a lot of kids much less inclined.  It makes us proud of her.  Our friend's kids are her friends...quickly, and without question...the Elle's, and Amelia's, and Julia's, and Harmon and Simon's of the world (all distant, and often only occasional acquaintances...the oh so lie...children of friends) are instant friends, with lasting connections and memories and stories.

Are your kids the same?  How social are your children?  Ours seemed ready for school and summer camp the minute she took her first breath.


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