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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Links on Ice...and Elevated

Ooooh, all-natural sunscreen.  Need this.

Write this down.

Me and Chorizo are tight, thanks to our good friend Stephanie.  I'm eating this stuff, and you can't stop me.

For my sixteen year old little Hip Hop obsessed friend at the school who thought I had no chops...who had a hard time comprehending that rap was bloody well "invented" by my generation.  Take this... and just in case you thought that you invented this too, here you go.

It seems as though I've got a lot of listening to do.

June's always on this thing...and every time I think, "what the hell," and then she scores something outrageously cheap, and outrageously useful.  Then I realize that I'm a guy and I know nothing about this stuff so I should shut up.

I'd like to know Dave Bidini's secret 'cause the guy's ridiculously prolific.

Shouldn't Justin Verlander have had far more features in major magazines by now?  I'm just sayin'.

Kind of awesome advice.

At first I thought this was cool...and then afterwards I felt a little sad.

Screw you New York Times...I guess it's the Post now 'cause The Daily News makes me feel dirty.   TO be perfectly honest, so does The Post.

This debate means nothing to most of us, but to our friends Paul and Betzy, it matters...and to our friends Jeff and Mel, it mattered.  To people like us, or to people like our friends Kevin and Aimee, it's not much of a debate. We love NYC, but we walk to the beach living here. End of debate.

Very good story. There is a lot that sounds familiar in those paragraphs.

I didn't think that I could watch a video of a motorcycle driving down the highway for damn near ten minutes...I was wrong.

Always one of my favorite magazines issues. Best Places to Live (US only)

First good.  For some reason I can't see Stephen Harper "slow jamming" the news.

Last, but not even friggin' close to being least.  Thanks to my good friend, Ally, for pointing out this video...


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