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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Knee Rehabilitation Thursday Links...The Second Best Kind

After a story about our old swimming hole and tree from when we were kids, Zoey was eager to see a picture. Of course, we didn't have one but in my search for a Google image to give Zed something of an idea, I stumbled into the art of Jason Stillman and this painting. It's stellar, and now I have to own it. Crossing my fingers that Jason gets back to me. Oddly enough, the painting is seen on the wall during the Modern Family opening credits. Now I REALLY need to own a copy.

Great story about exiled Black Panther Pete O'Neal in Tanzania...even better photo gallery.

Uhmm, kind of awesome if you're into such things.

If I won the lottery. I'd build this narrow beauty on Neptune Lane in Encinitas. Love it.

Finally, someone who loves cardboard as much as I do. Caine is the coolest kid ever.

Some people have it figured Nate. I think I like Nate a lot.

This America doesn't seem possible.

Ever hear of Slab City? It doesn't sound too appealing, but it does sound wildly interesting...a living, breathing simultaneous social statement and experiment. Here's a great photo essay by Clare Martin.

This made me laugh out loud.

I dig myself some hot dogs but this just sounds gross.

It's true. Rich people suck.

I used to have no opinion about UM's Mary Sue I do.

The Santa Monica ferris of my favorite places on the planet.


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