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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls...

This is what I've learned in fifteen or so years of helping young people figure things out...

Boys are seemingly black and white on the surface...easy-peasy, but remarkably complex beneath that veneer. Girls are all complex and confusing on the surface and yet so profoundly black and white behind all of those frightening fireworks...a girl's math typically adds up every time, if you use her equations. It's a generalization, of course, and something that often stirs debate, but trust me, both observations are compliments to each gender, and both are based on all day, every day watching, learning, and absorbing. We can't figure each other out for a reason, and there's something so incredibly yin and yang about it all that I triple dog dare you to argue the point.

Someday, June queries, I'm going to have to deal with a house full of girls, that will someday be women, and am I ready?

More than ready...I'm excited about it. I've learned that if you can get past the difficulties in the moment with a young girl, and figure out the who, what, where, and whys...especially the whys, everything makes sense...but just because a boy resolves his conflict instantly, and with fists, or harsh words, does not mean that the problem was a simple one, in fact, you might find it more irrational, more emotional, and harder to find source, and impact. I'll take the puzzle that is a woman every time, which isn't saying I'm any better at translating their language, deciphering meaning from action, or putting my calculator away. All it means is that I'm willing to do those things, or try, and that I'm more than ready and more than willing to be wrong.

Am I ready for a house under the spell of three incredible girls...I'm over the moon at the prospect, but I could be wrong.


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