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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Table Monster

The lovely, and largely innocent looking, June may have just been setting our equally lovely and innocent looking daughter up to be that girl that encourages others into trying ridiculous refrigerator concoctions of leftovers and random condiments.  Zed and her Mom were discussing "decisions" at the kitchen table last night in a conversation that eventually led to drinking pickle juice, pepper water, and cinnamon sprinkled everything.  It seems that daring Zoey to do something is a bad idea.

Mom: Would you rather drink your delicious juice OR pepper water?

Zed: Uhmm, pepper water.

Mom: Are you sure?  Is that the right decision?

Zed: (giggling) Yup.  I think it is.

...and congratulations to Mom for following through and feeding her daughter pepper water.  The problem was that Zoey was down for drinking pepper water...and then pickle juice...and then cinnamon sprinkled pickle juice...and then...and then...

On the plus side, Zoey has been talking about good decisions and bad decisions all day.  On the negative side of things, I want nothing to do with my daughters disgusting little lips, AND I think June just created a triple-dog-dare monster of absolutely legendary proportions.  I pity the girls that choose, oh-so naively,  to be this little daredevil's friends.


Anonymous Brander said...

Can I sign Delilah up?

April 24, 2012 at 11:37 PM  

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