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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Best Magazine Article of All Time...and One List That You Don't Want to Make

Least Influential

I used to be a ridiculous reader of magazines. When I was working away in UCLA's Writer Program a pretty fabulous professor had us reading every damn publication that we could get our hands on, even trimming articles, cutting and pasting a filing them, pasting them into collections of our most favorite writers or styles, or even subject matter. It was a golden age of indulgence. We were even assigned the occasional Playboy writing, which made for awkward visits to the corner store. Somewhere lives a professor that essentially turned all of his students into perceived pervs in the neighborhood convenience stores.

Just recently June collected a batch of mail that Canada Post had allowed to build up when we moved and forwarded mail. Naturally, some mail never made it to the new address. Boo, except for the literal Christmas Eve of unopened magazines and the endless awesomeness between their glossy covers.

I stumbled into this article and nearly was irreverent, hilarious, rude, and yet accurate...all at the same time. I had to snap a shot or two of it's best parts.

Hank Jr

And as if that grin inducing attack on America's most red of necks, Hank Williams Jr. wasn't enough, the author went and enlightened me on the minutia of the Bobby Bonilla contract that practically destroyed the New York Mets.

Bobby Bonilla

Are magazines a gigantic waste of money? Yes...without question. Are they occasionally awesome? Absolutely. I wonder if I can defer friendships the way that Bonilla did dollars?


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