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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby Showers Are For Girls...

Zo balloons and lollipops - Serree's Baby Shower

It was a girls-only day today. Zo and June headed to London and Aunt Serree's baby shower while Dad lingered at home and did, well, home stuff. Serree is due in mid-May, and so the traditional baby shower was imminent. It was Zed's first, and she was SO excited to go. Of course, she had a lot of fun. She also managed to be something of a hit herself, and really dove into the day with both feet.

Ribbons Bows Zo

June's never been much of a shower girl, so much so that she didn't have one when we were married. She didn't have one before Zoey was born, and she only enjoys other people's based on a pretty tricky sliding scale of how much she loves that person. In this particular case, Serree, she was more than happy to go and shower it up with one of her favorite people on the planet. It seems Zo was too.

Zed Serree Baby Shower

As always, Zed was her usual helpful self...translation = gift ripper opener girl. Of course her odd obsession with greeting cards was also on full display. We have no explanation for it, but she's always just kind of been really interested in checking out the cards that come with gifts. It's a nice little habit that we probably inspired at some point, but that we never meant to turn into such a staggeringly polite little convention.


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