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Friday, April 20, 2012

Always the Photographer, Never the Photographed...Almost Never


June has one heckuva eye for framing a photo, for catching a moment, for finding the photo in the background of what the rest of us typically see...but because of that she's rarely the subject matter.  It seems like this blog alone has a pile of Daddy and Daughter pics, and only a handful of Mom and Zed photos.  Dad needs to snap a better pic so that we can change that.  I love seeing these two girls all caught in a moment.


Even more rare are the family photos when all three of us get a chance to sit for a snap. That happens only occasionally, and so we cross our fingers that we have a decent showing when we do stumble into one. Or we act like idiots and waste an opportunity that surely won't come again for months. Kinda how we roll. As Spring stretches toward summer I think we need to amend both phenomena.


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