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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Woot Woot, Scoot Scoot...Carroll Park, a New Scooter, and a Makeshift Ice Pack


Zoey has her first scooter...a Mini-Kick Scooter, all the rage here in this family friendly borough, and at $80 each, we'd better have more kids to diffuse the cost. They looked SO fun and are super easy for a three year old to get used to, the words of Aunt Netta..."woot, woot, scoot, scoot!" Beside all that, she looks ridiculously cute all decked out in helmet and Chucks.


Her scooter was also a nice little friend magnet. It took about three minutes for Zoey and Lyla to become BFFs and scoot around Carroll Park like some kind of pre-school bike gang. It's a miracle either could even stand up what with the size of the helmets on their wobbly heads. They looked like extra-terrestrials, only dressed more fashionably.


They even found themselves a secret bat cave type hideout for those moments when scootering just wasn't cutting it. The head gear stayed on, of course, it's practically Zo's favorite part of scootering. There were no boys allowed, and with school being dismissed for the day and Carroll Park turning into something more akin to Woodstock than a quiet kid-friendly park, they needed a good hiding spot. Take our humble advice and don't catch yourself dead in a Brooklyn park at school dismissal time, when the sun is shining and the weather is warm.

Despite the tsumani of public elementary school teens and pre-teens, it was a quiet, slow day. We walked up Smith, ducking into the odd store, we dropped some of our lunch money into Trader Joe's greedy hands, and then limped back down Court Street for our scooter purchase, and lunch in the park. Daddy barely managed that. It's been a painful few days, and his Championship attitude is going the way of Mike Dantoni and the Knicks. He's just not up to it.

I'm Busted

We miss Luke, Heather, Jack, and Macy already. They were such gamers and easy company. However, the sad truth of the matter is that even if they'd stayed a few more days in the city one of us would have been I suppose that we could have hosted them to an afternoon in Carroll Park, and some easy shopping and eating on Smith and Court streets, but other than that...nuthin' Dad needs rest, ice and Ibuprofen. Jack sure would have liked the basketball action though.

Carroll Park basketball

It's difficult to wander around the city when one third of your family is hobbled up like they stepped on a landmine somewhere between Central Park South and Soho. I've been near crippled since the start of the week, and I haven't helped myself much, stumbling all over Manhattan. We spent most of today icing my knee and laughing at our daughter. I would have been happy with just half of that exhausting action. We've got our fingers crossed that Dad can rally and somehow swell less between now and tomorrow. Coney Island beckons.


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Blogger M. said...

Awww...that was Elle's cave a few short months ago. Quadruple sigh. Bring Zo and her kick to Ottawa. Elle got her first taste of outdoor scooting today and she's addicted!

March 17, 2012 at 7:25 PM  
Anonymous scooter said...

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