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Monday, March 12, 2012

Then Suddenly, it's Monday...

Three days can go by awfully fast. First there was that embarrassingly quick retreat from Friday's work and into a cramped car hurtling towards Buffalo however much of New York State it could eat up before we felt the need to sleep. Then it was tumbling into New York on Saturday via the George Washington Bridge, and losing no time finding our apartment...the one with the white door. Lastly it was jumping on the F train and shooting into Manhattan to crowd our day with sunshine and Feldmans. Throw in a a strange and awkwardly painful bout of what seems to be bursitis in my good knee (we will no longer be referring to it as that), and a little girl that's so excited to be here that she wakes up at 4am most days, and runs down busy Manhattan streets holding hands with crazy little all-or-nothing Jewish girls toward unforgiving Broadway traffic because, well, between the two of them they own this town. Julia does because she lives here, and Zoey just thinks she does. BAM...before you know's Monday.

Julia and Zo rolling through the Green Flea in Manhattan, like they've known each other their entire lives.

Zo has been on cloud nine. I honestly think we come here more for her most times. She is bursting with smiles and enthusiasm, even more than her usually nauseatingly happy disposition allows, and she's infatigable. A full day of strolling around the Upper West side after a marathon drive, playing in Central Park, and sprinting the city streets with her new bestie, Julia, and she's begging to stay awake at 10pm, even as Mummy and Daddy fade into incoherence. This most definitely is her town.


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