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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Parlez Vous Francais? We Hope So.

Mom Zed

Zed is registered for we just have to hang on tight and hope that she gets in. It's French's down the's tough to get a's beyond exciting to her. School...she says it all dreamy, only half understanding that it's really only half school, kinda sorta anyway, but regardless...she gets pretty smiley.

Mom gets smiley too. Dad? Dad likes watching the girls get smiley.

We won't know if she's officially "accepted" into the La ribambelle French Preschool Program until May, so we're crossing our fingers, speaking more French, and planting a ridiculous amount of school seeds in Zed's rapidly filling head. Sometimes we just grab both pig-tails and cram it full of awesome, you know, as much as we can stuff that old marshmallow mouth stuffing game from camp that had kids choking all the way to Emergency Rooms...except with knowledge and, you know, hopefully no choking.

Au revoir...for now.


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