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Monday, March 12, 2012

Friends That Feel Like Family

Luke Heather Jack Macy - March 2012, Staten Island Ferry NYC
Luke, Jack, Heather, and Macy - Staten Island Ferry

The Cooper Family...not my own "Cooper" family...but the Super-duper Coopers from Fergus, Ontario, have felt like my own family since meeting Andrew a decade or so ago. Now his parents and sisters are people I set on the heavy side of my respect and affection scale, and how cool is it to be spending the day with them in Manhattan...when we've rarely been able to spend any amount of time with them at home? Kind of super-duper cool. There's this weird intersection where serendipity and purpose cross paths and Zoey and Macy behaving like sisters, while Jack and Luke and myself yapped endlessly, and June and Heather walked side by side through most of lower Manhattan. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale couldn't be any more serendipitous.

Mummy Zo hugging - Staten Island Ferry March 2012

We met Luke and Heather and the funsters at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and went for a short there and back hoot past Lady Liberty and Governor's Island, and fell into things as though we had been neighbors for a half decade. They're easy people to spend time with. Zo and Macy quickly became friends, as Macy's was the hand of choice to hold, and we tore into the waning hours of the afternoon together. We wandered around Soho and up into the Village, downed some stellar grub and then ended the night watching Macy and Zo dance to the fairly mesmerizing notes of a cellist playing in Washington Square. It was perfect. Life doesn't approach that adjective quite as easily as it did tonight all that often...but when it does...

Zoey and Cello player - Washington Square, Greenwich Village - March 2012

...when it does, do your best to remember it. Luke and Heather have a pretty incredible little family. Both Jack and Macy are stellar kids, and they're all oh-so fun, each and every one. You could have a good day with any combination of their happy family, and perfect nights are easy to accomplish when the players are so aptly cast.

Tomorrow it's Central Park with the same family of beautiful sucks.


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