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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Scrape, Worst Scrape


After Zoey's disastrous evening of rough and tumble fun, and the subsequent knee wound that had her howling, we've decided to write a story's called "First Scrape, Worst Scrape," and it's an introduction to scrapes, scabs and all-around rough and tumbleness. Zo lost her mind with this first big scrape...lost it. She's never really scraped herself up before...little nicks and bruises etc...but never a full-on knee scrape. She toughed it out, but not until after she vocalized her displeasure with this new phenomenon of missing skin.

"It hurts SOOOO bad," she exclaimed, followed by substantial wailing and an abundance of tears, "SOOOOO bad!"

We got it hurts. Now suck it up and let's go write a story. And she did.


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