Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Boy Named Chelsea

Read this, and then after you're done throwing up in your own mouth because people can be SO ridiculous and judgmental, and let's be honest so up-f#%&ing-tight.

We're smack dab in the middle of a difficult name hunt for our second child and it's difficult enough without throwing gender stereotypes and archaic social norms into the mix. Names fit and work, or they don't...boys...girls...weird inspirations and joe regular preferences...whatever. A boy named Chelsea works if the boy is a beyond a doubt a Chelsea. Maybe his parents are enormous soccer fans? Maybe Mom and Dad met in that very neighborhood in Manhattan? Maybe his parents just like the sound of it. Who cares? If Chelsea is Chelsea then why are you worried about it?

We're hoping to raise children who are happy and helpful and curious and enthusiastic...who are kind and thoughtful and content, and although their names are important...names are oh-so important...what matters most is how they make others feel about that name...not how the name makes others feel about them. In that case, there's not a damn thing wrong with a boy named Chelsea.

The title came from a blog post I stumbled into that was discussing a much more gender blurred name trend occurring around the globe, and it stuck in my head, and to a certain extent, my heart. Get busy helping your child make their name a memorable one because of their personality and actions and leave your Grandfather's stereotypes where they old, dusty photo albums where every boy was named John.


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