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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Professional Development and Miniature Health Inspectors

I had a hot date for lunch last Friday. It was a professional development day in our school board, and between Harrassment Training and Trauma research I slipped out to have lunch with Zoey. When I scooted home to pick up my date, Gramma had her decked out pretty cute, and I was quite sure I'd have the best lunch company of anyone.

We loaded the little girl up, packed Gramma in too, and snuck off to Arby's, where someone was so happy to be there that you could hardly see her eyes through the smiles.

Zed Arbys 2

It was an enterprise I think I'd like to try to manage more frequently, perhaps a regular Friday routine, if my ridiculous schedule allows. She was a perfect guest...thankful for everything, polite, giggly. She even took the opportunity to practice her sleuthing skills, bringing along her magnifying glass and giving her food the once over. I don't know what she was looking for but she made the Manager a little nervous. I'm quite certain that he was unsure if Health Inspectors came that small.

Zed Arbys

Ever since Gramma and Pops stole Zo away to Arby's a few weeks ago, she's been enamored of curly fries...something we've denied her until Friday. She devoured an entire sleeve of curly fries..mine, while I was stuck with her pathetically small kids meal ones. She then tore into some of her Mom's from the take out bag. McDonald's has nothing on Arby's. Zed's officially in the Arby's camp as of Friday. It may have been the only part of our date that fell short of my expectations. No one likes to come in third place behind curly fries and magnifying glasses.


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