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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Importance of Bacon

Zo and I discussed thoughtfulness yesterday, well, that and consideration. I fumbled to explain to her the similarity of both. What spawned such weighty conversation amoungst toddler and Dad? Garbage on the concrete. Zoey was curious as to why she had to step on discarded coffee cups we walked through the parking lot of a local grocer. I explained the phenomenon with a back and forth discussion about thoughtfulness. Zo asked a lot of questions, and I gave a lot of examples, and before I knew it, the conversation was done.

At dinner when asked what thoughtfulness was Zed decided to reference our meal.

"If there was only one piece of bacon left," Zo said confidently, "and you gave it to someone else, that's being thoughtful." She grinned wide, and shoveled a forkful of tater tot into her face.

Uhmm, yup. Nailed it.


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