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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If You Don't Own One of These...


Get yourself a Perplexus. I'm not kidding. Does stress kick your face in? Struggling with the oddest, most random anxiety ever? Just need a distraction? Perplexus is the answer. I'm serious.

Without getting into the ridiculous details of managing anxiety, and how your brain works, and all that stuffy amygdala crap, if you're feeling overwhelmed, and if you can't seem to get your mind off of something, you NEED to physically do something to ease the burden. You can't think yourself straight. On most occasions, you can't talk yourself into feeling better. You need to engage your brain, and tackle something tangible and tactile. You need to somehow manage the equivalent of that UPS dude who tattoos himself while playing chess and speaking Chinese. Like the Daniel Tosh joke, ever see a sad guy on a wave runner? No, you haven't...mostly because it's too damn fun, but also because it bloody well impossible for your brain to manage it.

Do yourself a favor, and pick up any one of the Perplexus toys. You'll thanks me later. It works.

Coop Zed Perplexus
Coop and Zo workin' on the Perplexus Rookie

We just spent the better part of 24 hours twisting and cursing this ball of emotionless plastic. It fully engaged all of us. Everyone had a hard time putting it back down, and as I suggested, it's kind of hard to feel consumed by your earlier problems when you want to chuck the thing across the room. It's easily the best tool I've ever seen for dumping your stress and anxiety away...and for attracting curious three olds with very few social issues.

Read the's the most stellar toy you've ever seen. It's ideal for sensory development in small children, practically perfect for relieving stress ands train in adults, and wildly appropriate for skill development for populations struggling to develop more traditional autistic kids, or people with cognitive disorders. It's un-frikkin-believable. Get one or feel shame when you're the last person to bask in it's awesomeness.


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