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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sugar Bowl Comparisons and Tolerant Roommates

I'm not always the best man that I can be, and sometimes I'm even ashamed of myself. I can swing for the fences on issues that deserves bunts, or better yet, base-on-balls, but there is no Superman cape, as my friend Bill so reminded me today, and I shouldn't beat myself, or others up over anything.

Today I slipped into a frustrating day on two or three hours of sleep, a resurgence of what I thought was my rapidly retreating cold, and a sick little girl with the runniest nose of all time. I was snappy, and even sh!%ty to my wife, and muttered enough nonsense to myself that even Zoey told me to, "stop being so frustrated." So I stopped...or I tried to. In response to a text message from June I apologized for being a turd, and I apologized to Zo for something similar, and then got busy trying to remind myself that I'm as fallible as the next guy, perhaps even more so because I'm so loose with my lips and rants. It's just a plain fact of life that sometimes you look like Michigan did beating Virginia Tech in the Sugar crap. I still came home to a patient, loving and I don't know why, but forgiving wife, and spent the day with a testy but still beautiful daughter, and the sun was shining all the while. Sometimes you win even when you shouldn't.


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