Monday, January 30, 2012

Sick Girl...Sad Dad

Is it just me or does every Dad feel completely awful when his child is sick? I'm unnerved to the tenth degree, which then unnerves me even further still at the prospect of a real health crisis. A fever slays me...what will I do with something more significant?

When I was ten years old I was hit by a car while riding my bike. It was a bad deal...a heavy accident. I landed in UWO's hospital for over a month. I had lacerations, major lacerations, all over my body, particularly on my head. I broke my fibula and tibia, needed six pins in my lower leg and skin grafting on well over 25% of that same limb. I lay on the side of a busy road while my brother ran for help. From their kitchen my parents heard the wailing sirens of the ambulance. If that happened to Zed I might...well, I don't know the extent to which that might damage me. A fever unsettles me something terrible.

How do you manage your child's sickness? Are you cool and confident, or are you unnerved and anxious? Does it lay waste to Dads more than Moms? Am I a freak?


Blogger Elizabeth said...

You're not a freak, you are a wonderful father. I am calmest in a crisis and then shatter when it's all over. Either way, we all break down.

January 30, 2012 at 11:38 PM  

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