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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect...or Painful, Either/Or


Zed and I headed back to the rink today for another go at skating...or hockey as Zo calls it. She used to have almost no affinity for any sport really. She cheered for Michigan no matter who was playing, or what they were playing, and she tended to call everything football, but ask her now and she'll squeal about how much she loves hockey.


She's getting the hang of it...slowly, and sometimes I forget that she's not yet three years old. She's doing good. She's having fun. What more could we be expecting? At one point she fell and quickly busted into making snow angels so all hope is not lost, she's still easily distracted.


We might still be able to avoid spending almost every winter weekend on dark, snowy roads, and in cold, crowded arenas. Snow angels are hope...scant hope, but hope.


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