Monday, January 9, 2012

My Friend Jason...

This is what I like about my friend Jason...He is becoming himself more and more everyday. There are no more influences. He has no desire to impress or find approval. He is his own man, and does what he chooses. He hasn't the hubris to hide his affections away, or pretend to be something that he's not. He likes storms and wants to chase them, and doesn't care if you know about it, or what you think about it. He hasn't always been that way. His sensitivity, and uniqueness used to be the worst kept secret of his entire group of age old friends. Problem was the people that it was a secret to were the ones he thought that he was closest to. These days he blogs about being a father. He feels no embarrassment about doting on his girls or about slathering his son with love. He's a man, a 100% unabashed, unapologetic man, and a good one at that.

Why am I writing this? I dunno. I just read a blog post in which he pledged his lifelong dream to chase storms and it was much more than a testosterone fueled, dangerous adventure type was sweet. How emasculating is it for me to call a friend's sentiments sweet? Very, but they are. So many of us give up hope on our dreams, and rarely share them with anyone for fear of being mocked, or being found foolish. Not Jason, he wants to chase storms. I think I wanna go with him. I think my point in typing all of this is that I think that Jason is helping to reshape exactly what a man is supposed to be, regardless of who's watching, or judging, and I wish I had more of that to bask in everyday. Ignoring all of the other voices so that you can hear your own more clearly is an impressive thing.


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