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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brubeck From Woo to You...and Me

I'm kind of a closet jazz geek. My good friend Ally posted this Dave Brubeck link today and then I binged on Brubeck for the next three hours straight. I've got a serious Wynton Marsalis addiction, and I could probably cue up about three Josh Redman albums up one right after the other. Whenever we're in New York my favorite part is how I can just twist the radio dial and every third station is blowing the best jazz within a thousand miles. When we were living in Brooklyn that summer there was a lot of jazz. Here, at home, it slips into my days and weeks whenever the sun goes down. When the sun is shining I find myself listening to a hundred other things, but when the sky gets dark, and especially if I'm driving some long, lonely bit of road...the horns softly blow, and the smile softly grows, and I could drive all night... which on a completely unrelated note reminds me of one of the best Springsteen songs ever.

Everyone's a closet geek for something...everyone. Let it out, indulge it...kick that closet door wide open. I've got me some more good ones but that's for an entirely other post.

Thanks Woo. You filled my head with horns today and that was wicked nice.


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