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Thursday, December 1, 2011

This Morning I'd Like To Be Here...


Paris, at night, covered in snow...just let me me grab a hat and my coat.

If only it was that easy. Of all the superpowers on the planet, aside from healing the sick and living as long as I damn well wanted to, I'd like to be able to snap my fingers and disappear, only to reappear wherever the heck I wanted to. Snap...Paris.

I'd have no plan, nothing in particular to do. I'd wander, and keep to myself. I'd waste an entire day and then slide back home to June and Zo...just a day, eight or nine hours, that's it. Or maybe my snap could transport us all? That'd be nice. Ooooh, maybe my snap could not only instantly transport us to places but all Narnia-like what seems like days is really only seconds back home. We could keep our jobs and make sure the garbage gets out, and never, ever give away our little secret.

Yes, Paris in the snow this morning would be nice. No worries, I'll be back before you finish reading this.


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