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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and All That Sappy Crap

June Mummy Xmas 11

Last night I noticed that I hadn't posted a thing since Tuesday, which means;

a) I've been busy

b) I didn't care to

c) I had nothing to say

d) I'd been abducted by meth addicted Elvis impersonators

It was none of the above. I just kinda forgot to. I got all enraptured by the holiday season and stuff and before I knew it Christmas was here. Now I'm feeling much too sweet and sentimental to scribble anything that doesn't just absolutely embarrass me. I'll just say this, before I'm tossing smiling Zed photos about in the next 24 hours, the people that read this rubbish...that make it a point to stop here and care even just a little bit about these musings and this little girl mean an awful lot to me...the Dustin and Kellys, the Heather,Avery, and Brads, MaryAnns, the Aimee and Betzies...the Beths and Johns, and Kaylen and Birdys...It's funny that a blog can do that, can divide people into groups, can define relationships, but this one has.

Merry Christmas everyone, and using Robert Hunter's words, "I'll just say I love you which I never said before..."


Blogger Beth said...

I came home from 4 days on the road for Christmas festivities and sat down to soak up all the wonderfulness that is Zed with the added bonus of Christmas...get better soon and feed my addiction okay?

December 27, 2011 at 9:23 PM  

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