Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Version of Church

June Zed Book Keeper

Zed likes the book store. Daddy likes the book store. Mummy likes the book store. Who doesn't like the book store? It's one of the few stores that you can go to and not feel guilty when you walk out with nothing. Everyone hangs out at the book store, and everyone only actually gets out their wallet and buys something every now and then. Zoey bought this.

Lady Bug Girl

Now Zed's best friend, Woody, has a girlfriend, or so it seems. They were looking pretty tight in the car on the way home. Of course, it was a bit of a forced marriage, but a marriage nonetheless. An arrangement made by Zoey, and despite our best efforts to convince her that Jessie would be very upset with both her and Woody, she was insistent on forcing the relationship. Shrug...

We rarely buy books at the book store anymore. We grab endless stacks of awesome, barely touched books at second hand stores and used book shops whenever we can. Whoever pays the retail price on books has much more cash to burn than we do. Who spends $20 on a book for a three year old? Some kind of rich bugger, that's for sure. Zed's got a ridiculous little library started and I'd bet there isn't $150 wrapped up in it, although we're still not victims of the school book fair yet, or the Scholastic catalogues. When those suckers start we're cooked.

BTW...that book in the first photo is indeed Here Comes The Poo Bus. Once again...shrug.


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