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Friday, November 18, 2011

Just you and me...and random thoughts of good friends

Tonight June was abducted by an embarrassingly love-struck twelve year old girl, and dragged to a Cody Simpson concert. It's frightfully true, and paralyzingly sweet. So it was just Zed and her doting Dad, and in hours reminiscent of Camp Zed adventures, we made an astonishing couple.

We made pigs in blankets together for dinner...we visited with Uncle Ian...we bathed and roasted real marshmallows by a fake fire...We read books and played in the cardboard castle that we made in the summer. We were insufferably and oh-so sincerely sweet to each other...almost as sweet as Aunt June and Avery were tonight.

Now it's just me and that fake fire still...sitting and thinking, and typing. I'm a good Dad and it's the absolute pride and purpose of my minutes and hours and days. I'm frightfully dismantled by this little girl...desperately, oh-so desperately smitten. I love these Dad and Daughter moments..."just you and me," as Zed would say all summer. Yup, that's right Bub...just you and me.

Oddly tonight I randomly thought of my friends Dustin and Kelly, and thought almost immediately how disgustingly impressive they'll be at all of this gobbly gunk someday. Kelly will have a melting point that's oh so sweetly low, but Dustin will be a puddle of fatherly pride and fallibility. Dunno why I thought that tonight, I just did. It's strange how soft and malleable this Daddy thing makes you...not hardly locker room tough at all. You get all Hallmark and whispy while the rest of the world goes on thinking they've got you pegged and that you're perhaps the same old're not. A light breeze of emotion could topple you.

I love this Daddy business, and I like thinking about my friends who will be equally as liquified by it. It warms be a whole lot more than this YouTube fire.


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