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Sunday, October 23, 2011

When Things Need To Get Done...

note to kids

It's a strange way to get work done around the house but if it works for you...

June found this photo on a friend's Facebook page. She asked Beth if she could pass it on to me, and if I could post it here. She said yes so here you go. WHAM. Posted. You MUST read the explanation below the photo. I don't know how old Beth's children are but they are both tech saavy (what child isn't?) and funny. I mean, these kids are really funny. There are six siblings...that's right, I said six, and as you might imagine that's gotta be the perfect climate for developing a sense of humor.

Since only three of the kids "liked" the message, you can come to any number of conclusions...there are certainly a few funsters not old enough to be using Facebook, and then of course, not all of the kids may have seen the message, but certainly there's at least one who is still confused that Mom would leave such a message, and wondering how he/she might appropriately respond. That's the one that very likely won't get in trouble...ever.


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