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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A View From the Cheap Seats...

Zed just did a flip on the uneven bars! Of course, Mom helped, but she flipped and giggled and then hopped away to the next best exciting thing. I'm kind of impressed from this high and distant vantage point (perfect for this Daddy in a gymnasium full of little squealing girls in tights), and cool as cucumbers considering this gymnastics business at this stage is mostly just tumbling and running away from coaches and parents. That was exciting.

I'm still nowhere near gymnastics Dad however. I like to watch. I like to sit high and take in all that cuteness from a safe distance. I'm not the ideal candidate for cute. I am, however, a great believer in cute appreciation, and that's what I choose to do every Saturday morning. There are plenty of Dads out there knee deep in cute, and good for them...good for ridiculous looking, awkward them. I just watched my daughter do a flip on the uneven bars with her Mom spotting and that was infinitely more sigh inducing than being right there in my own socked feet.


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