Saturday, October 15, 2011


I should be sleeping. It's 1:30 in the morning, but I can't. I'm excited to watch Zoey and her Mom tumble around a gymnastics gym in the morning...and I'm excited to drink coffee and watch my day fade into something less challenging than it's used to...and I'm excited to visit my friend Dustin...and I'm beyond excited to watch Michigan and Michigan State manhandle each other with next to zero love lost between the two. There's also a potentially heart bursting Tigers game to let myself drown in. I suppose I'm still a little strung out from a day that began with oxy drug tests and Mom's holding knives up to their sons necks, and brightened with a truly humbling email, and then an incredible, moving conversation (how close they all are to that) with a girl that no one thought was ready to talk.

I feel lucky tonight, if not tired, and overwhelmingly privileged to have this life. To lie here beside a quietly snoring (oh so cutely) wife, with a baffling brain of an audacious little long and lean girl sleeping not more than fifteen feet away from me , in a house that love built, on a street no closer to home than where our hearts have guided us all these years without a mortgage. I feel lucky, but I'd rather feel asleep.

Goodnight bold and generous universe. Please take good care of everyone whose voices got stuck in my head today. I've done all that I can do today, and now it's your turn. I've punched my card and they're your children until the phones rings again.

Go go to sleep.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

That email was great. Smiling ear to ear reading it. You are truly awesome at what you do with those kids and it is so obvious to all how much you care.

I'm glad you're getting recognition because what you do and experience everyday, not everyone could handle with nearly the amount of grace and clearheadedness that you bring to your job.

Save this email and read it on your worst days. It validates that you're where you should be.

October 15, 2011 at 8:31 AM  

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