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Monday, September 12, 2011

Who Invited Nick Nolte to My House?

Zed Nolte

This is a rather bedraggled (that really should be a word if it isn't) looking Zed pouring over her new weather book at the kitchen table. She's kinda sorta really into weather. She digs hard on tornados, volcanos...she asks where rain comes from and can be a little ridiculous at times. She likes checking out youtube clips of storms. It's crazy. I think the craziest part, however, is her uncanny resemblance to Nick Nolte when she really gets down on a weather binge.

Zoey Nick Nolte

She's got a much better complexion, and of course, her fashion sense far exceeds the Nolter, but she gets a little pre-occupied with looking all this weather stuff up, and kinda forgets to look in a mirror. The curse of the two year olds, I suppose, but regardless, it's funny as hell. I guess we're the awful parents who take pictures of it and plaster them all over the internet. Someday when her genius is more widely recognized we'll apologize, but for now she's just a weather obsessed kid with occasionally bad hair and parents that take advantage of her innocent pre-occupations.


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