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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Links For You, Because I Like You So Much

Baachan does this...and it's the second best thing ever, right behind opposable thumbs.

I'm totally building this for Zo.

Project for Baachan and Granddad's house!

Totally going here someday.

June doesn't want just any dog, she wants this one...or strangely, this one. The first has no name, the second is Tayshaun??? I want this one, and his name will be Berkeley. Interestingly enough, while searching for these photos I stumbled upon this gem. Holy mother of lobotomy, I know!

This would be a nice way to spend a summer.

Don't wait 'til her wedding day.

I think I've linked this before but my God I want a slide in my house.


I love my Mom, and if I had any money at all I'd buy her this house in this place.

Einstein was one smart dude.


I'm not so craft challenged that I can't manage this.

Who wants to go to Charleston with me?


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