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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is it possible to have a Jimmy Stewart imprint on your DNA?

Shop Around the Corner

The Shop Around The Corner was made in 1940. It's black and white, of course, and full of the rigid formality that was the social norm in that time. It's predictable, and not at all that well written, in fact, fifty-something years later another interpretation of the same story, You've Got Mail, finds itself so much more charming, and infinitely better written...but Jimmy Stewart, well, Jimmy Stewart makes anything good.

Sunday Night Football is the television, the Jets no less, and I couldn't care much less than I do. I'm watching Jimmy Stewart because I f#%&ing love Jimmy Stewart, and you know what? I don't particularly love every minute of football season, nor every game, nor every awful, obsessive football conversation I have to endure on Monday morning. I do, however, love almost every minute of every Jimmy Stewart film I've ever watched. My point...

There's a lot more to explore and enjoy out there in the universe than all that we're so thoughtlessly battered with as boys. I like football, but I also like standing around with a good friend and talking about the script he wants to write but hasn't. You know why he hasn't? Figuratively speaking, Sunday Night Football...etc...manly etc...

Write that script my friend, and I'll keep watching Jimmy Stewart movies, and someday we'll carry on the same conversation where we don't recognize another soul but see ourselves more clearly than ever.

Do what you want to do people. Be who you want to be. Life's too short, and in some cases, there are some very little eyes watching. Be original. Take whatever chances you feel you need to take. Think for yourself. Do what makes you happy. Put the football game on mute and get busy creating the kind of you that little eyes might be proud of. That may or may not include The Shop Around The Corner, but it does for me.


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