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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Holy Distant Daughter of Nina Simone...except, you know, white


The first review I found said, "get it or feel lonely this weekend." That was enough for me to make the purchase. Add to the urge that my friend John digs on Jill hard, and John has the kind of taste that film producers and Starbucks atmosphere makers melt over. It all adds up to buying Jill Barber's latest release Mischievous Moon or getting your head checked. It's that good.

I'd never listened much to Jill's work. Embarrassingly, I've never much listened to any Canadian artists. No less than four or five of my friends are shuddering at that admission, and at least two are considering ending our friendship. No more worries, Jill has just ushered me in through the front door.

Buy this... invite your best chances for lovin' over, and get busy paying a physical tribute to Canadian artistic ingenuity. This is sexy sexy time music. Or, of course, just buy it and chill with Jill. That's cool too.

It's not often that I recommend an entire album...artists sure, but not an entire album. This one I'm completely smitten with. It is that good.


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