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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Day After Our Anniversary


Yesterday was our fourth anniversary. We did nothing. We ate tuna melts, watched the Tigers last regular season game of 2011, and played with Zo. We promised one another that we'd do something later, you know, make amends for our collective ambivalence about Wednesday. Shrug...

No gift or evening out would do the trick in terms of celebrating how desperately entwined I am with my wife's every day and night. I go to work, and make my daily decisions by wondering what might make her proud, and although it sounds overly sentimental it's entirely much so that I don't much care what others think, provided she can close her eyes and smile her way into sleep each night. We've been married four years, together over ten years, and friends for sixteen years. That's a long time to be so smitten with someone that you lose track of which way is up sometimes.

Happy Day After Our Anniversary Kaede June love you long time.


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