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Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Photos in Ten Minutes or Less...


Our idea to take a few family photos for the first time in a long time took all of ten minutes... well, maybe fifteen. We packed up, hit the beach, snapped a few pics using the timer, and a few more that June just kinda clicked away at. BLAM...done. We're embarrassingly quick.

We didn't take many, but we didn't need to. Ten minutes, tops...tripod, timer, Mom hustling to get back into the shot. Probably pretty funny to watch, certainly not all that fun to shoot, but easier than waking up in the morning.


I think we took maybe twenty-five pictures, that's it. No ridiculous prep, no matching outfits, no two hour fake-fest of posed awfulness. Just the three of us at the beach with the super good fortune of June having stellar equipment to use. Kinda lke making pizza at home and you've got your own wood fired brick pizza oven...except, you know, that wood burning pizza oven is a Canon camera.

Here's some of the other pics.


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