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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Church of Zed...a Non-Denominational Gastrointestinal Thing

Zed breakfast
The usual at John's Restaurant...Bacon and Eggs X two, and some chocolate chip pancakes.

Sunday mornings might just have to evolve into breakfast out mornings. Zed's got a window of comfort in the restaurant scene now, especially if you throw her a booth nearest the window. She's a pro.

The waitress comes over and asks for our order, June and I are barely through when a little voice pipes up.

"I want pancakes," she says quietly. "Chocolate chip pancakes please."

June and I feign shock and awe, and then we hear a tiny, "Thank you," and now it's full blown pride. Nice work kid. Don't mind picking up the tab for this little, polite customer. We're both in agreement, we'd be pretty happy if at the very least we raised a kind and appreciative restaurant goer. Looks like we've just founded the Church of Zed, and if you want to worship here, you'll need a knife and fork, and piles of politeness.


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