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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zo's First Lesson in Bullying

Today Zo got bullied. She totally did, and by a dirty faced little psycho mall urchin running wild and largely unsupervised in the mall play area, which makes it something like ten times more stereotypical and at least three times easier to believe. He followed Zed around and wouldn't stop getting in her face, literally right in her face. He would just growl and stare at her, side step when she sidestepped, circle her when she turned around to avoid him. He was a filthy little freak. He ripped the hat right off of her head twice. He squealed at adults. He ran by and jumped on my feet. His parents dropped in and out of their role as parents, and even in those moments when they happened to accidentally be there, they did nothing to curb their pitiful offspring's nasty enthusiasm. So Zo did.

She took care of her own business assertively. She never asked for help, not once. Sure, she tumbled back into the safety of dad's arms a few times, but didn't ask for help, and didn't ask to leave. She didn't get aggressive, but was plenty defensive, and told the little monster, in no uncertain terms, that she preferred a world without him in it. My words, not hers.

Never thought about what kind of school your child will attend someday? Some have a much greater density of urchins. Zoey would rather eat gravel than go to a school with that particular monster. She never wants to go the mall play area again, she says. We made sure to praise her for how she handled the situation, and reinforce the calm and cool she exercised, but there's no getting 'round the damage a bully does. Zo's two and a half, and a champion socializer, and now grub boy has ruined someplace for her. Cool to see her stick up for herself though...and cooler still to see her not resort to a violent outburst like her father might have. I'd have one punched the dirt right off that funster's face.


Blogger Beth said...

I want to move to Sarnia so Zoey can be in my class someday. Yup.

August 19, 2011 at 9:01 AM  

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